Some Companies have Founders…
Swan Stonarts has Founding Customers!

jim schmidt

Jim Schmidt
Principal Founding Customer
Schmidt Memorials
Conroe, Texas
Customer Since 1994

bill spradling

Billy Spradling
Spradlings Monument Service
Dallas, Texas
Customer Since 1995

jerry gloria mathews

Jerry & Gloria Mathews
Cooper Marble & Granite
Sulphur Springs, Texas
Customer Since 1995

henry hallman

Henry Hallman
Hallman Memorials & Wills
Points, Texas
Customer Since 1995

charlie dubois

Charlie Dubois
Robert Dubois

Laconia Monument
Laconia, New Hampshire
Customer Since 1996

bobby schlitzberger

Bobby Schlitzberger
Schlitzberger & Daughters
Houston, Texas
Customer Since 1995

john phillips

John Phillips
Twin City Monument
Minneapolis, MN
Customer Since 1996

A special thanks to our customers, who have provided us with their ideas over the past 18 years, on thousands of custom monuments.